Q: What if I need to print more products for sale if I bought 100 or less commercial use license? 
A: I will offer a ONE TIME reorder license for the commercial use purchases. This will allow you to print 100 more products. But the license will expire and not allow more than 200 end products to have been sold. Please contact: mindy@indybloomdesign.com if you need to repurchase the licensing.
Q: Can I upload this design to print on demand companies to sell things in my shop? 
A: Unfortunately, I don't allow this type of use. The commercial licenses allow you to upload a print to your fabric printer/manufacturers to order physical end products that you make or sell. I don't allow you to use my designs for print on demand due to the conflict of interest with my current business. 
Q: Can I upgrade my license later?
A: See my above Question and Answer. I'd hate for you to realize you love a print and want to continue printing, but the licenses sold out for the unlimited printing. You need to make sure you really think about what license you need before purchasing and don't miss out on the ones you actually need. I will allow the 1 time restock license for the commercial use licesne. But after that all commercial use prints expire after 100 products or the 200 restock.
I will NOT allow upgrades from personal use to commercial use licenses.